About A Winter's Song

Synopsis: When aspiring singer Liana is given a three week deadline to create a record demo, she travels to Armenia to find inspiration. Along the way she discovers a world of music, culture and love. "A Winter's Song" is a heartwarming tale sure to captivate the audience with its themes of self-discovery, romance and the universal language of music.

Writer, Producer, Director: Angela Asatrian
Angela Asatrian is an Armenian-American filmmaker and social worker, known for her documentaries, The Armenian Spirit and Never Events. Her passion for storytelling has led her to embark on a new project, a feature film that aims to showcase the beauty of Armenia and its people through a heartwarming Christmas love story.
As a filmmaker, Angela is dedicated to creating works that entertain, educate, and inspire audiences. Her love for her cultural heritage and the people of Armenia has driven her to use her skills to showcase the country’s rich history, culture, and beauty to the world.
Angela’s background in social work has further fueled her passion for storytelling. She understands the importance of giving a voice to marginalized communities and bringing their stories to the forefront. Her upcoming project not only aims to showcase Armenia but also uplift the spirits of the Armenian community and diaspora.
With a strong commitment to her craft, Angela is now working to raise funds to bring her vision to life. Her passion for filmmaking, social work, and Armenia is sure to make her upcoming project a huge success.


Krista Marina

Raised in an Armenian household, Krista developed an ear for dynamic vocals and appealing melodies. As soon as she discovered songwriting, Krista began taking music more seriously. At age 14, she joined a band with close friends with whom she fostered her art and performed countless gigs for five years. Lead singer, keyboardist, and cajon player of the group, Krista performed at notable venues, such as the Troubadour and the Viper Room.
In June of 2016, Krista released her debut EP, “Bittersweet” which she wrote and co-produced. The following November, Krista collaborated with producer Arc North to create “Meant To Be,” a single she both sang and co-wrote. The tune has amassed 30 million streams on Spotify, alone. She has worked with creators like Tim Atlas and Jorg Huttner, and written for networks like CBS, while also lending her voice, writing and production to collaborations.

Edgar Damatian

Edgar is a true Renaissance man – attractive, an ethnic ambiguous actor yet bad boy and possible criminal, that can charm anyone at first sight. His zest for life makes him attractive to people from a wide age range. His interests vary from model and drama roles to comedy and edgy script choices. Not only is he able to conjure up deep emotions when performing on screen, but he also doing great things off screen.
Aside from having excellent vocal ability hitting high C notes, Edgar is athletic too – a soccer lover since his childhood who even got an opportunity to play in the collegiate level and overseas. He also speaks, reads and write in Armenian fluently, engaging in humanitarian work that includes building gymnasiums for kids with lost schools due to wars as well as helping families who have suffered the loss of fathers due to war. With names ranging from Saoirse Ronan to Frank Grillo and Giovanni Ribisi appearing amongst Edgar’s credits list it makes sense why you should consider him for your next project.

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Strobia Foundation, a 501c3 was established to help Armenian artists and creatives globally reach their full potential. Creativity plays an integral role in the human experience. Children dance before they walk, sing before they speak, and draw before they write. Everyone is born with a spark. Often, over time, we deprioritize letting the light within us shine. Let’s create more. Let’s spark more love and light.

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